Our Parish

About St.peter’s Marthoma Church


Mar Thoma church as a worshiping community have been in existence in Kuwait since 1963. The congregation in the early days mainly consisted of people who came here in search of jobs. Now after 48 years with the growth in membership came the need for organizing the parishes at regional level for more effective ministry. Today, there are 6 parishes in Kuwait serving more than 7000 members totally.

St. Peter’s Marthoma Church the newly formed one of the 3 Churches in Kuwait, consists mainly of families who reside in Abbasiya area, the southern region of Kuwait. The 1st, 3rd & 5th Monday worship service of the parish is held at the National Evangelical Church, Kuwait City on Friday & Sunday worship services are held at St.Peters Marthoma Hall in Abbasiya.

All are welcome and if you are here for work, business, or on visit, come and join us for worship and fellowship with the Body of Christ.