Rev. V. T. Yesudasan

Rev. V. T. Yesudasan

( VICAR:Kuwait St. Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish )

66273783, 24317631

66273783, 24317631

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The creation stories


“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it” (Gen 2:15) ‘The creation stories ‘in the book of Genesis clearly states that God is the creator of this world and which was cleared by St.Paul that all things are created by Him and for Him. The creator God saw everything on earth as being good. But today, the same planet seems that all is not good. Eg.instead of life-sustaining rain, we receive “acid rains”, and we face water shortage, toxic chemicals, ozone layer depletion etc.Amidst all this adversaries we can proclaim that the creator order is the perfect testimony of the wisdom and the greatness of the creator! To keep the God- created world from the decay is the responsibility of the human beings, the crown   of creation. The following is a brief outline of the marks of a Christian steward, which will help the reader to initiate eco-reading of the Bible:

  1. The steward loves the creator: Stewardship grows out of love for God, is nourished by His remembrance of the Calvary where all the redemptive work has been taken place. (St.John 3:16)
  2. The steward loves the creation: The steward who loves the creator (St.John 1:1-3),sustainer(col 1;17),and redeemer(Col 1:18-20)is moved by the indwelling spirit to love what God loves ,and to live in harmony with his neighbor and the created order which is being sustained by God. The steward views his responsibility to love and care for the creation as an important part of God’s redemptive plan.
  3. The steward understands his role: All creatures and all natural resources belong to the creator (Ps.24:1). Being the steward, man was called to subdue and rule over the earth (Gen.1:28), while being careful “to dress it “(serve it) and “keep it “(preserve it) Gen 2:15. Here we must understand that one person’s life style can have impact upon the lives of many others b’coz of the ecological and economic interconnectedness.
 In short, the re-reading of the Bible helps us to learn that we are “not the owners but the Stewards “to work on and keep the earth from all types of decaying and preserve the life -sustaining forces. Let’s search in our own hearts, Do we love the creator above all other things? Do we love His creation as He loves it? And so on….. Yours in His service Yesuachen